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Collingwood Home Inspector

CONGRATULATIONS, you have decided to purchase a new home.

YOU don’t have to look any further to find your professional Collingwood Home inspector:

You have found the Professional Certified Collingwood Home Inspector you need to inspect your home.

I am a well known, life time resident of Adjala/Tosorontio Township and have 20+ years of experience in home renovations, including plumbing and electrical.

I carry full error and omissions insurance.

I will inspect your home thoroughly with the utmost respect and knowledge I have and upon completion I will honour you with a full written report.

promise I will give you the best Collingwood Home Inspection and report needed for you to make your best investment worry free!

CALL Greg Garland For Your Collingwood Inspector




Helping Make Your Best Investment Worry Free




What is an Collingwood Home Inspection


I am A Professional Certified Collingwood Home Inspector who is trained to perform a visual, unbiased Home Inspection. I the Collingwood Home Inspector will assess the home from roof to foundation to identify safety issues and describe the current conditions of the home at the time of the Home Inspection.
I the Collingwood Home Inspector will walk you step-by-step through significant findings. When I the Collingwood Home Inspector have completed the Home Inspection I will give you a full report of the Home Inspection.

I encourage you to attend the Home Inspection or at least the final portion of the Home Inspection. This allows both of us to walk through the Home Inspection together so I can point out findings and explain elements of the report.

My Home Inspection will provide you with an objective, un-biased and detailed report on the condition of the home at the time of inspection. The Home Inspection report will help you make a final purchase decision.

The best way to protect yourself is to know and understand the condition of the home you are buying. I The Collingwood Home Inspector will evaluate and provide you with a report on the exterior and interior components of the home.


Roof, chimney, flashings, valleys, penetrations, gutters & downspouts, eaves, soffits, siding & brick, windows & doors, air conditioner, decks, porches, garage & driveway, foundation structure and property drainage.



Heating/cooling system, electrical system, plumbing system, hot water tank, windows & doors, walls, ceiling, floors, basement/foundation structure, attic, insulation & ventilation.

Each complete Home Inspection Report includes a book with details of the findings during the Home Inspection. Inside the Home Inspection Report are illustrations of typical components found in a home.
Included in the Home Inspection Report book is a guide to seasonal home maintenance and a home repair budgeting guide.
It also lists the CaNachi standards of practice that a Collingwood Home Inspector must adhere to and what you should expect from a Home Inspection.

Collingwood Home inspectors are actually required to use only a few types of equipment. In theory, an Collingwood Home Inspector could perform a Home Inspection that complies with the CaNACHIStandards of Practice using only two pieces of equipment:  a ladder and an electrical tester capable of testing ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) devices.

However, there is equipment I as A Professional Certified Collingwood Home Inspector need in order to perform a Complete Home Inspection.

Here are some types of Home Inspection Tools I use because they make my Home Inspection process easier and faster for me the Collingwood Home Inspector. 
Telescoping ladders are a good example. They can be collapsed and carried through a home with less risk of bumping into walls and furniture.
A flash light is one of the most needed Collingwood Home Inspector tools needed to complete a Professional Certified Collingwood Home Inspection.

I as A Collingwood Home Inspector use a variety of electrical testers.
I as A Collingwood Home Inspector wear a respirator when I enter areas such as the attic space or crawl space. 
I as A Collingwood Home Inspector wear safety glasses when working around exposed electrical components are other common safety items.
I as A Collingwood Home Inspector use a moisture meter where I feel a need to check the moisture levels or suspicious stains.
There are many Home Inspector tools that can make or break a Home Inspection and I have all the Home Inspection tools to do a Complete Professional Certified Collingwood Home Inspection

Helping Make Your Best Investment Worry Free