A Home Inspection And Why Choose Me

CONGRATULATIONS, you have decided to purchase a home.

You have found the Professional Certified Master Home Inspector you need to inspect your home.

A Home Inspection is something some people take for granted. You need a Home Inspector who will give not only a report of all deficiencies within the home but some extra general knowledge of how a home works.

I am a well known, life time resident of Adjala/Tosorontio Township and have 20+ years of experience in home renovations, including plumbing and electrical.

I carry full error and omissions insurance and general liability.

I will inspect your home thoroughly with the utmost respect and knowledge I have and upon completion I will honour you with a full electronic report .

I promise I will give you the Best Home Inspection and report needed for you to

Make Your Best Investment Worry Free!



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What is a Home Inspection

I am A Professional Certified Master Home Inspector who is trained to perform a more than visual, unbiased Home Inspection. I will poke and prod at all wood to check decay, rot and insects. I the Home Inspector will assess the home from roof to foundation to identify safety issues and describe the current conditions of the home at the time of the Home Inspection.
I the Home Inspector will walk you step-by-step through significant findings. When I the Home Inspector have completed the Home Inspection I will give you a full report of the Home Inspection.

I encourage you to attend the Home Inspection or at least the final portion of the Home Inspection. This allows both of us to walk through the Home Inspection together so I can point out findings and explain elements of the report.

My Home Inspection will provide you with an objective, un-biased and detailed report on the condition of the home at the time of inspection. The Home Inspection report will help you make a final purchase decision.

The best way to protect yourself is to know and understand the condition of the home you are buying. I will evaluate and provide you with a report on the exterior and interior components of the home.


Roof, chimney, flashings, valleys, penetrations, gutters & downspouts, eaves, soffits, siding & brick, windows & doors, air conditioner, decks, porches, garage & driveway, foundation structure and property drainage.



Heating/cooling system, electrical system, plumbing system, hot water tank, windows & doors, walls, ceiling, floors, basement/foundation structure, attic, insulation & ventilation.

Each complete Home Inspection Report includes a book with details of the findings during the Home Inspection. Inside the Home Inspection Report are illustrations of typical components found in a home.
Included in the Home Inspection Report book is a guide to seasonal home maintenance and a home repair budgeting guide.
It also lists the CanNachi standards of practice that a Home Inspector must adhere to and what you should expect from a Home Inspection.

Home inspectors are actually required to use only a few types of equipment. In theory, a Home Inspector could perform a Home Inspection that complies with the CanNachi Standards of Practice using only two pieces of equipment:  a ladder and an electrical tester capable of testing ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) devices.

However, there is equipment  A Professional Certified Master Home Inspector needs in order to perform a Complete Home Inspection.

Here are some types of Home Inspection Tools I use because they make my Home Inspection process easier and faster for me the Home Inspector.
Telescoping ladders are a good example. They can be collapsed and carried through a home with less risk of bumping into walls and furniture.
A flash light is one of the most needed Home Inspector tools needed to complete a Professional Certified Master Home Inspection.

I as A Home Inspector will use ladders to inspect the roof and coverings with out putting myself at risk of injury.
I as A Home Inspector will climb into the attic space where I can inspect the roof decking and rafters and inspect for moisture and any roof penetrations. I will also inspect the insulation and vapour barrier as it exists.
I as A Home Inspector use a variety of electrical testers.
I as A Home Inspector wear a respirator when I enter areas such as the attic space or crawl space. 
I as A Home Inspector wear safety glasses when working around exposed electrical components or other common safety items.
I as A Home Inspector use a moisture meter where I feel a need to check the moisture levels or suspicious stains.
I as A Home Inspector have inspection cameras to check areas where I see may have moisture issues where I can not reach to.

There are many Home Inspector tools that can make or break a Home Inspection and I have all the Home Inspection tools to do a Complete Professional Certified Master Home Inspection.

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Helping Make Your Best Investment Worry Free


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