Animal Odors


Animal odours are some of the most difficult odours to treat. Over a billion dollars is spent annually creating new products to mask the odours our furry friends leave behind.

Ozone works to ensure pet odour is completely eliminated. There's no lingering odour left after the ozone clears and no chance of the odour returning. Ozone removes pet odour by oxidation which completely removes the odour instead of just masking it.

Ozone can eliminate all pet odours such as:

Fur – Animal Fur, especially if damp, is rife with bacteria that leave unpleasant odours.

Urine – Animal urine contains ammonia which is a potent chemical with a very pungent smell. Not only can lingering ammonia cause unpleasant odours, it also serves as a marker that animals use for them to do their "business".

Feces – When animal feces break down, it not only leaves behind a noxious odour but it can also attract flies and other insects.

Fact - Ozone not only works 3125 times more efficiently than chlorine and it also leaves no toxic residue.

Fact – Removing Urine and Feces odours can improve success with housebreaking young pets.

Fact – Most traditional cleaning solutions that mask pet odours often don't remove the other chemicals found in urine and feces.

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