Cigarette Smoke


Cigarette smoke contains numerous chemicals which are hazardous to our health. These chemicals cling to surfaces and cause foul odours and can even create an unhealthy environment by leaving toxins in the air.

Our Ozone generators can quickly and safely remove the smells associated with tobacco smoke by attacking the phenol gasses produced by cigarettes. Cars can be rendered odour free in as little as 30 minutes and even large homes and commercial buildings can be treated relatively quickly.

Businesses can have designated smoking areas treated which can improve the smell in these areas dramatically. Ozone can even be applied to an entire house to increase its appeal to a prospective home buyer.

Fact – Painting over walls laden with cigarette smoke will not get rid of the smell permanently. The chemicals contained in cigarette smoke can actually seep through the paint, causing the odour to return.

Fact – The particles that are released from cigarette smoke are about .001% the width of a hair. They can easily seep through flooring, walls and other surfaces.

Fact – Some studies suggest that the particles that cause smoke odour can potentially be as hazardous as the smoke itself.

Fact – Smoke particles can linger in the air long after the cigarette has been extinguished.

Helping Make Your Home Smell Fresh And Clean

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