Daycares are a haven for bacteria, infectious diseases and other nasty germs. Toys and other items can be very difficult to keep clean and can spread germs and viruses as they are shared between children.

Ozone is perfect for eliminating the odour causing bacteria that can take residence in daycares. Ozone employs 100% activated oxygen that is environmentally friendly and leaves no toxic residue so it's a completely safe treatment for Daycares. Depending on the size of the facility, the cleaning can be finished in as little as 24 hours.

Fact – Ozone can remove odours from toys, carpets, changing areas and even areas where diapers are stored.

Fact – Daycares can be home to more viruses, bacteria and germs than Jails or Hospitals.

Fact – Ozone is 100% safe for use in daycares since it leaves absolutely no chemical residue behind.

Fact – Children are more prone to infection from lingering bacteria and germs than adults due to their immune system not being fully developed.

Helping Make Your Childrens Daycare A Clean And Healthy Place To Play

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