Sport Equipment


Sports equipment can develop a very distinct odour over time. Sweat can saturate the equipment, providing a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This can cause staph infections and other serious illnesses. It can also damage the equipment over time.

Using Ozone to keep your teams equipment clean can prolong the life of the equipment and keep players healthy. As well, there will no longer be a need to leave your gear in the garage to avoid bringing the foul smell indoors. Ozone can clean your equipment and leave it smelling fresh and new in as little as 30 minutes.

Fact – Sweat can produce bacteria that can cause many harmful or potentially fatal diseases.

Fact – Odour from sports equipment can contaminate the area it's stored in, causing the bacteria and odour to spread.

Fact – Ozone actually eliminates the odour rather than just masking it like some commercial cleaning solutions do.

Fact – Unlike some cleaning solutions, Ozone will not leave any chemical residue on your equipment.

Fact – Regular cleaning with Ozone can actually save you money by increasing the life expectancy of your equipment.

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